Discover your inner Femme Fatale with Lyrical, K-Pop, and Hip-Hop.

Lyrical, K-Pop, and Hip-Hop all in one fun workshop! Discover your inner Femme Fatale by exploring 3 different “themes” through these different dance styles: lyrical for grace, K-Pop (Korean pop) for adorable fun, and hip-hop to exude sexual appeal with lots of attitude. Come dance your heart out in a no pressure, judgment-free zone. Absolutely no dance experience necessary. 10/3 1-3.

Teacher Appreciation Project

On August 21st and 22nd, we celebrated our one year anniversary with an amazing open house, but one thing that didn’t come to pass was our intention to give special Thank You bonuses to teachers and staff who had helped so much during our exciting first year.
Thanks to an amazing new website, with the money that we raise between now and November 25th, we’ll be able to give thanks in time for Thanksgiving, if not by our anniversary milestone.
Please be generous so that we can show them the love they deserve—and remember to spread the word. Visit

“New Year” resolutions?

Since many of us have been in school for more than half our lives, the beginning of September tends to feel like a new year even more than January 1st. So…what’s your resolution? Do you have any specific dance goals? The elusive double (or triple) pirouette? Trying a new class? Getting in better shape? Getting reacquainted with the pointes?